Monday, May 9, 2011

Vote for Aidan!

Vote for Aidan to be this weeks finalist in the Parents Magazine cutest baby contest!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did I mention...?

Just finished the book, The Happiest Mom, 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood, and while it wasn't packed with new, ground-breaking information, it only took three days to read and it really puts your priorities in perspective. I've never been really confident about my mothering style, how tidy I keep house, or my know-how on all things domestic, but now I know where I want to improve, like not collecting junk, where I excel at, like making my family feel loved, and what things I know I will never want to try, like running a marathon (or cooking a gourmet meal, both equally as unappleaing to me). I highly recommend the book and her blog, The Happiest Mom, for the busy mom, new mom, or the need-a-confidence-booster mom.

I'm sure you've seen our newest family member, Lola,

She is so sweet and beautiful and she's learning her commands, all but pooping and peeing is done outside. I chose her as my Mother's Day present and dragged Rick from Bartlett to Naperville to Addison before we finally chose her, although with how the potty training is going, I may give her to him for his birthday on Friday before its too late...

Our move to Bartlett went smoothly, we are loving our new home.

A special thanks to my mother-in-law, Robin, for helping unpack and take care of the baby that first week, we would still be eating take out and searching boxes for our clean underwear a month later if it weren't for her!

It's been so long since I've updated, we've had so many changes and things going on, moving and taking care of precious Aidan. I've mostly been reflecting, getting things in order around the house for our next change:

This is Gavin Richard, he is due September 26th, he and Aidan will be Irish twins! God is blessing us with four boys, hopefully He will bless us with the energy to keep up with them as well! Aidan seems to be growing up so fast, he his talking his own language (thinks trying to get him to say "Mama" is absolutely hilarious), he can get all over the main floor in his walker, staring at his reflection in the dishwasher as he passes, and he is sleeping so much better in his own room, even slept thru the night twice (of course, they both happened to be during Daddy's turn). I hope they will be as close as can be, I'm so looking forward to watching my little "big brother" have someone to grow up with!