Saturday, April 2, 2016

For my husband...

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my mother in law's death.  I was pregnant with Isaac so she never got to meet him.  She didn't get to see Aidan and Gavin blossom.  She didn't get to meet my sister in law's baby.  I know my husband and our family has been hurting every day of these four years.  

I didn't appreciate what a treasure she was, I now see how very lucky I was to have her has a mother in law.  I lost my mother in 2007 so I know the thoughts my husband probably has.  Regrets over things gone wrong, arguments, remembering times he hurt her feelings.  I pray that he always remembers the good times, how proud she was of his accomplishments.  How much she loved our children, how she accepted me into the family with open arms when she didn't have to.  I always loved how she was willing so to share the holidays with my family, Christmas Eve, Easter, birthdays.  She was such a proud grandma, showing off the babies when we would visit her at work!  She helped us so much thru my pregnancies, it would have been so difficult without her.  I used to call her when I would iron Rick's dress clothes because I hated it so much and she would laugh that she really enjoyed it.  I still hate to iron, but have great memories of those talks when I do.   She treasured every single person in her family, her children, grandchildren, sisters and brother, nieces and nephews, everyone!  She adored her mother in law and spoke to her daily.  She was very good at making sure everyone knew she loved them.  

I titled this, "For my husband..." because my hope is that he doesn't just dwell on the regrets, but remembers the good times, her amazing qualities, and how much everyone loved her.  I will always make sure to teach the boys about her, they pray about her every night.  She will never be forgotten, and that is for my husband.