Monday, May 28, 2012

The baby is here!

Introducing Isaac Aaron Robin Darcy!  Isaac was born May 17th, weighing 3lbs 4oz, 16 inches long.  It was a difficult delivery, my water had broke (after being home from the hospital only about 12 hours).  During the c-section they discovered that the cord was tied in a knot around his arm.  We were both battered and bruised but Isaac came thru like a champ!  He is doing amazingly well, he is holding his own body heat, on full feeds of 28ml and gaining weight slowly.  He has a small hole in his heart that they are watching, it is slowly closing on its own.  He moves his mouth when feeding thru the tube like he's sucking, he will be able to try bottle feeding in about 3 more weeks, I think he'll enjoy it!  He even wore his first onesie already!

The rest of the boys are happy to have Mommy back home, I can't believe how much I missed being on bedrest and in the hospital.  Gavin is eating Gerber puffs and Aidan is now able to get himself down from standing.  Now is the countdown to the big move, although it looks like its possible that Isaac will be home before then!  My recovery is going so slowly, I'm wondering how many vicodin it would take to wash the floors?  Family and friends have been awesome, we're all so anxious to be moved, have Isaac home and just enjoy the upcoming chapter!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And a big "oops"

We thought we were having Isaac last night.

Well, I thought we were, the doctor didn't agree.

In my defense, with three of the four pregnancies I'd had previously, my water leaked just a little bit.  

So imagine my freak out when my water leaked, ALMOST a lot.  Even my doctor yelled at me, "why didn't you call me sooner?"  My squeaky voice said, "I wasn't sure that's what it was!"

And it wasn't.

But I contend that I DID NOT PEE MYSELF, as much as my 16 year old thinks its funny.

So the bag that I thought was ready, now really is, the nanny had to bring her 3 kids to watch my two babies (love you Erin!), and another hospital bill on the way, all for an overactive bladder, apparently...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Public Shaming, hmm...

Have you see the latest trend in punishment?  Strollerderby posted Shocking or Brilliant?  11 Examples of Public Shaming as Punishment, which varies from women who found unused gift cards at Walmart to a 15-year-old who wears a sign declaring his low GPA.

My mother used this form of punishment on me in third grade when I decided to skip school with a friend, and I have to admit, it worked!  I never ditched school again, not even on Senior Ditch Day.  BUT...I was made to sit in a chair in our driveway while our neighbors in our very small complex confronted me with how scared my mother was.  It wasn't just an embarrassment but a lesson on the torment you cause your parents and how dangerous the world actually is.  

Is a YouTube video declaring your teenage daughter a spoiled brat and shooting up her laptop a bit extreme?
Um...couldn't you have sold it and made her donate the money to charity (or the housekeeper)?

While I firmly agree, any parent has a right to ban their child from Facebook (even posting why), are some of these instances going a bit too far?  Are they teaching lessons or giving parents satisfaction in embarrassing them?  Should public shaming be used in lieu of formal punishment on actual crimes?

And the countdown begins...

Spent the morning bookmarking all of the funniest blogs in my Kindle to get ready for the hospital.  I didn't realize that I have about 150 blogs bookmarked on my laptop, most I don't even know why I saved them in the first place, so this was no small feet.  I think this is my way of nesting, which is making Rick really nervous, but I'm on week 27 (tomorrow) and that's when Gavin decided to arrive.  I have my bag packed (which, incidentally, was still packed from last summer when Gavin was born), my Kindle is loaded up, and the nearest route is mapped out, with a pit stop at McDonald's for my last meal until they let me eat again.

Did I mention that we're on baby FIVE?

Isaac Aaron Robin Darcy, hoping he'll be my redheaded Mexican baby!  I've been slacking in my posting, but Gavin is growing to be a monster baby.

He is right on target for where he needs to be for the average 7 month old (his adjusted age).  He and Aidan are getting along great, if you don't count the chunk of Aidan's hair that Gavin pulled out.  It did make a nice lock for the baby book!

Gary and Benny are having fun with the babies.

On top of it all, we're getting ready to move at the end of June!  When I say we, I mean everyone else.  I have a mental note of what the boys (including Rick) have to go through before moving day, it's a tough job being in charge.  We will have movers do the packing and moving and some awesome friends who are volunteering to help unpack.   OB is hoping Isaac will make it to 32 weeks, which is a week and a half before moving day.  Everyone is panicking, I'm not sure why, I'm not helping anyway.  I guess they just want my direction :)  But, we will finally have room for everyone!  We'll have a toy room in the basement with an office and school room for the babies when they start homeschooling, and an extra table for the scrapbooking I fully intend on doing (but probably won't).  

So it's resting for now.  Will try to be wittier on the next post, but not much is exciting on bedrest!