Friday, May 17, 2013

Isaac turns one!

It's hard to say how I'm feeling with my last baby turning one.  Yes, yes, I know I said that the last three babies were going to be the last, that's besides the point.  This one is the last one!  He was the last one to wear the official "coming home" outfit, the last one to outgrow the bassinet, the last one to get his first tooth.  This will be the last first-birthday-party (maybe that is not so bad).  It just brings me to the rest of the "firsts" that I will someday cherish, the first slobbery kiss, first steps, first word.  He is such a happy baby!  Rick and I were just talking about how he looks into your eyes like he is trying to read your mind, I've never seen that before.  And I do have to say, he just adores his mommy, and who could get tired of that?!  They are all special in their own ways, but something about knowing this is the last, it makes you enjoy the smiles more, rocking him to sleep, holding him on your hip.  One thing Benny used to do as a baby was watch his big brother with amazement, like he couldn't wait to see what he does next, and now Isaac does that with his big brothers!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for these boys!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy birthday to my Honey!

Just want to wish a happy birthday to a great daddy, wonderful husband, and my best friend!  Today is his first day back at work after our staycation, so glad he is working from home today so that we could spend more time together, I love you!!