Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maybe baby...

Well I'm on limited activity, and while I'm extremely bored and anxious, it is the best for Gavin. We have a follow up visit with our OB today, but as of right now I'm dialated to 1 and 70% effaced. I don't know if the doctor's are just trying to calm our nerves, but they have said we could very well take the pregnancy to term, it is just as likely as going into preterm labor. I feel like the wheels are set in motion, Gavin will be here early if it is meant to be that way, but I feel a strange sense of peace (hope?). Maybe the severity of it hasn't struck me yet, but I feel that he will be ok. It would be awful having him on machines and going home without him for months. I worry about getting everyone back and forth to the hospital, how will I be able to spend time with Gavin at the hospital and Aidan at home. How will Rick be able to spend time with his new son after working all day if Gavin is all the way in Hinsdale. We are blessed to have the help we do, excellent specialists already on our case, our wonderful nanny, Ashley, whom Aidan adores, and all of our family. Rick's work as been great, letting him work from home or just have time off to take care of me and Aidan. I know I shouldn't be worried about the symantics at a time like this. You don't realize how you take for granted being able to go to the grocery store or pick up formula, making doctor appointments even. Having Rick so far away while he's at work, knowing the hospital is another 45 minutes away is nerve-wracking. Aidan is happy and well-cared for, Gavin has the best doctors watching him and I. I joke about what a chore being with all boys is, Rick, Papa and the boys, but no one worries like men do about the only girl in the house! I'm anxious to find out at the doctor's today if there are any changes, praying for Gavin to be healthy, and all the little stuff to fall into place. Keep us in your prayers!

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