Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And he practically crawled out on his own!

Here he is, Gavin Richard Darcy. He was born June 28th at 4:03 pm, weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces, 15 1/2" tall. I woke up at 3am the Friday before to take my Procardia dose (to stop contractions) and my water broke. Back to the hospital we went, expecting a c-section within a few hours, but they actually wanted to wait until I went into labor to let Gavin cook as long as possible. With much arguing with doctors and questions from family, I continued to lose water and wait...and wait...but nothing was really happening besides becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. I'd had some mild contractions but nothing was changing. By Tuesday I was uncomfortable, irritable, and missed my family so much (so lucky that Rick got to stay in the hospital with me but he had to return to work if nothing was happening soon). I was fed up, and Gavin decided to start kicking me in the cervix, which hurt worse than any labor I had had with the other three boys! We insisted that the nurse call the OB, who didn't find it important because it wasn't actual "labor". A few HOURS later a technician came for an ultrasound, who found a tiny foot sticking out where it didn't belong! Off we were finally wisked off to have our baby, who is beautiful and doing well! He is 2 pounds 15 ounces as of today, and is waiting for a bed to open up in the step-down nursery. He is strong and fiesty, with a gorgeous head of golden brown hair. Although its been a rocky road, we are truly blessed to have this tiny miracle baby!

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