Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How do you measure the unmeasurable?

Any stay at home mommy understands what I mean. How do you know you are doing it right? How do you know you are successful? Is your house spotless, children well-behaved, husband fed, causes volunteered for, church is attended? Well, yes. Is it possible to have ALL of those things. I suppose (not that I would know). I've been striving to feel successful at something, ANYTHING. Parties thrown, birthday cards sent, babies bathed (and that is a major accomplishment). Work at home business ventures that aren't panning out, family planning binder that turns out to be too full or not enough. How is it that my chores for the day are not only done, but I'm a day ahead, and nowhere did it say to pick up all of the toys strewn about the livingroom? I have a husband unhappy that I didn't have time for him on the few minutes he has from work to check in. But, there were chores to be done? I'm contemplating these things lately, and I'm realizing that it is happening. I'm vacuuming before one of many therapists for the babies arrive, wondering, how can I be successful? I'm feeding the babies, I'm cleaning the refrigerator (which is on tomorrow's chore list), I'm starting beef stew in the crock pot (which, trust me, cooking comes once in a blue moon for me). I played with the babies, had snuggle time with Isaac, read my daily devotions and started a weekly devotion I'm doing in a (very) small online group.

Maybe instead of lists of things to do we should have lists of things we are doing.

 Not that I don't need a reminder to dust the furniture that I never seem to notice or clean out my purse that I never think about until I'm at the check out not able to even find my wallet in there. How about an "or" list. Is your house clean today OR did you spend quality time with the kids OR did you make a nutritious meal for the family OR did you spend time with God? The top of each day in my binder should be the questions, are your kids happy, clean and safe? Is your husband provided for? Did you nourish your soul today? That is the measuring stick I want. And while this epiphany does calm and inspire me, I may need a gentle reminder once in awhile. 

As I typed that last sentence, Gavin just peeked around the couch and smiled the most heart-melting smile. That is just the reminder I'll need!

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  1. Fantastic post! We all need to check our priorities sometimes!!


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