Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To goal or not to goal?

In my search for usable ideas for my Family Planning Binder, I came across a free printable, "Our Family's Five Year Plan & Dreams".  I don't work well with long-term goals.  I either expect to remember them so I don't write them down, or pull them off the seat of my pants, make them too attainable or unattainable.  I cringe at the thought of sharing my goals, so to sit down with hubby and tell him my long-term dreams was completely new to me.

The sheet itself was fairly simple.  It had five categories, Everyday, Wealth, Wellness, Home, and Fun and you were to write your goals for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and a "Dream Big" section.  Some were easy, things we had been discussing on and off, while others we really had to put thought into.  We were completely lost on the "Wellness" section.  We both want to be healthier, especially both having lost our mothers way too young.  We want to quit smoking, lose weight.  But a three-year plan?  I don't plan to run any marathons.  Ever.  It became easier when I added our spiritual wellness to that section.  Definitely want to spend regular time in prayer, in Bible study, get active in church.  The Everyday section was a little tough, too.  What do I want to be doing every day in the next year, three years, five years?  IDK, but I would like to try super-couponing.

Goal planning brings up ideas like empty-nest, college funds, retirement, mortality.  It feels strange to be an "older" parent, there are so many more things to consider, like, will I be in good enough shape to play catch?  When Rick brought up a five-year goal of getting a hot tub, I had to nix it because I will most likely be going through menopause and having hot flashes by then.  But there are good things about being an older parent, Rick is well on his career-path.  I still consider myself new to the SAHM business, but I've been a mommy for almost 17 years.  And, while I'm just learning to cook and clean, having the babies so close together I've got our routine down, diapers, feedings, naptimes.  

I guess the whole "accountability" aspect is what gets to me most.  If you write it down or even share your ideas out loud, there is the possibility of disappointment if your goals are not met.  It will take a lot of discipline for most of our goals, something neither of us have had much practice in, and now we get to hold each other accountable (don't forget Honey, we have a five-year-plan of going to Disney!)  Homeschooling once seemed so far away and now Aidan and Gavin are one year away from pre-school!  I never shared my fear of the younger years of homeschooling with Rick until tonight.  Arts and crafts were never my strong suit, and keeping three toddlers occupied enough to not eat the paste terrifies the pants off of me.  Give me apples to count or phonics to teach and I'm great!  

Overall, I think our goals are pretty realistic and attainable, while still challenging us to grow and mature to keep them.  It was nice sitting down together and realizing the possibilities we have with some effort.  We learned some new things about each other, like me wanting a bigger car even though I vehemently protested anything bigger when we got the minivan, or him detesting me using roman numerals to abbreviate thousands (I should write $1k instead of $1M because that is what normal people use).  

What are some of your long-term goals?

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