Monday, January 28, 2013

Rock Climber

Trying to get Gavin to pose by the fireplace.  What happens?  He turns into a rock climber.

No, I didn't let him get all the way up before I threw the camera and darted to save him.  Granted, I did just pull him off of there, but I don't think I need you to see him in all his glory atop the fireplace to get the point.  All this time we thought Aidan would be the daredevil.

He is content playing cars and would live on graham crackers if we let him.  But its this one, this is the one who insists on looking us in the eyes as he pulls his brothers' hair.

You can see it in his eyes, the mischief, the plotting!  I still wouldn't trade him for the world, not my green bean-eating, kiss-on-command, hold-me-as-long-as-I-want little boy!  It will be interesting to see what trouble he talks his brothers into!

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