Thursday, January 31, 2013

Organization at its best

This is my family planning binder

It's so cumbersome that I don't even want to open it.  I take out my daily sheet and put it on top for easy access.  It doesn't help that I changed the from weekly to daily planning sheets after I'd already printed 6 months worth of weekly sheets.  The big stack, all those papers sticking out?  That is mail.  It needs to be filed.  In front I have inspirational quotes and goals, then tabs for my planner, budget, devotional notes, WildFlower Designs, blog planner, holiday planning, goals, projects.  Did I mention it takes up the only open space on the desk?  So much so that when I open it, the cover hangs off.  And babies just love to watch Mommy scramble when it gets pulled off the desk!  Thinking about getting a thinner binder just for budgeting, but where to put it (insert snide comment from hubby about using it to replace the other piles of junk that litters the desk).  Ok, I know you're wondering.  Here is the rest of the desk.

Which wouldn't be horrible if it were the desk in my office, that I've never had the chance to use since we bought it in July (it is quite beautiful, with wide open space on the desktop, baskets for pens, pencils and markers, and files neatly tucked away).  And yes, clearing off the desk IS on my chore list once a week, but that usually consists of putting extra pens in the drawer and throwing away candy and cookie wrappers.  I have actually cleared it off a few times.  Which resulted in this,

Which would be my new junk drawer (one of three).  Oh, and this,

The pile had to be moved from the desk to the dining room after the entire letter tray being dumped on the floor by babies.  That is not our dining room table, this pile requires a separate table to make home.  

I need to get rid of these piles.  Being a new month, this will be my goal for February, whittle the piles down to manageable levels.  

What's in your junk piles?


  1. Mine are made up of mail, catalogs, coupons, & school papers, but mostly mail/bills. There are all of the benefits statements from the insurance company that need to be filed away in the file cabinet, and catalogs/magazines that I intend to look through, but the file cabinet is in the basement, and I forget about the catalogs, and they often just end up in the recycling when the sale is long over a few months down the road. I have been putting my bills into the top pocket on my binder, but I still need to find a way to "file" them once they've been paid. I don't have babies keeping me out of my office, it's just that the basement feels like a dungeon. I think I am going to join you in tackling paper piles as a goal for February!

  2. Hello! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    - Carolyn


  3. I've got quite the pile on my desk right now...a book, daughter's papers from school, some tax stuff...I clean it off periodically but everything piles up again soon. Similar things happen with our kitchen table. This sounds like a great goal to tackle in February!

    Found you on TGIF Blog Hop. Following you! Follow back please!

  4. Returning the follow from the TGIF Hop. I have to say, you are still 10 times more organized than me! LOL

  5. Hi thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my son. I am just returning the love! & my junk pile is FULL of stuff i havent done.. like print out pictures of my son from when he was born! LOL


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