Friday, July 26, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

It's coming around that time to think of school again.  We will be starting our homeschooling this year with pre-school for Aidan and Gavin.  Both are developmentally delayed to about 18 months, so it will be challenging.  Aidan is aging out of the Early Intervention program when he turns three in September, Gavin will continue with Developmental and Speech therapies.  Because of their birthdays, they will be in the same grade, even though they are 10 months apart.

We have decided on the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.  The entire curriculum is listed online for free, but I think it will be easier to have the guide and workbooks rather than print all of the worksheets.  These are available on their site for $30.  The curriculum is actually broken down into weekly lesson plans, listing all of the materials, books, music and nursery rhymes that you will need.  There is a book of the week listed, even linked to Amazon, where you can buy most of them for $4 including shipping.  I'm really excited about this program, I have a hard time being creative with the younger ones.  Homeschooling Gary for high school was much easier for me to come up with lesson plans on my own.

We don't really have many plans for the rest of the summer, just to enjoy the yard, the park and grilling while we can.  How are you getting ready for school?

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