Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Turn Negatives into Positives

I'm generally a positive-outlook kind of person.  With three babies under three years old, it gets a bit difficult sometimes.  Usually Rick and I get up at 7, I make his lunch, his coffee and get his Plexus ready for him while he gets ready.  This helps him a great deal and shows him that I care about how he starts his day.  The babies usually get up at 8 so I have an hour to wake up and unwind.  Today we woke up late, Rick had missed his train and had 15 minutes before the next one, the babies were all up and crying to get out of their cribs.  Everyone is a bit whiny this morning, can't get their breakfasts fast enough, their babas, stealing toys, wanting "up".  But they look to me to make their day better.  They may have to take turns sitting in Mommy's lap, but a cuddle and a kiss makes everything better.  In the midst of this, Gavin said, "num, num, nummy" for the first time when he got his breakfast.  Aidan grabbed Gavin's hand and brought him to the rug to play for the first time.  Gavin did push him to the ground, but then he grabbed Aidan's hand and walked him around the room.  In the midst of baby chaos are these small moments of joy.  I may have three empty baby books, but I have a calendar full of scribbles of these moments, so someday, when I have an empty nest and I'm feeling down, I can look thru this calendar and remember this time.  What every day negatives can you see your joy peeking thru?

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