Thursday, May 1, 2014

All That I Do

I recently read something on The Busy Mom Blog that really struck me.
"I do not need to strive to have the perfect family.  I just need to strive to glorify God in all that I do and encourage my children to do the same.  God's grace takes our failures, forgives us, teaches us, and uses them for His purpose and glory."

I just finished lunch and so far my day has consisted of temper tantrums, too many cookies and way too much Facebook!  Do I glorify God in all that I do?   My chore list is long and patience is thin.  This gloomy weather is only making our attitudes poorer.  I need to clean the kitchen before I get dinner in the slow cooker, pick up every single toy we own before I can vacuum and wash the floors, and I'm two days behind on my Bible study.  I woke in a good mood this morning, with a good outlook for my day, but the meltdowns and couch cushions on the floor have worn me down.  I've been avoiding all that I need to do (busy reading blogs) and as I was reading, my conscience whispered to me, "is this what you call glorifying God?"  

No.  No it's not.

It is pushing up my shirtsleeves and doing dishes, making nutritious meals for my family, spending time with them and making them happy.  Tackling my to do list and do this without grumbling.  You glorify the Lord in all the big things, and all the small.  Praising God through the storms, happy or sad.  It is doing your very best in everything you do.  Sometimes you pass, sometimes you fail, but ultimately, it is what is in your heart that glorifies God!

How will you glorify the Lord today?

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