Monday, May 7, 2012

Public Shaming, hmm...

Have you see the latest trend in punishment?  Strollerderby posted Shocking or Brilliant?  11 Examples of Public Shaming as Punishment, which varies from women who found unused gift cards at Walmart to a 15-year-old who wears a sign declaring his low GPA.

My mother used this form of punishment on me in third grade when I decided to skip school with a friend, and I have to admit, it worked!  I never ditched school again, not even on Senior Ditch Day.  BUT...I was made to sit in a chair in our driveway while our neighbors in our very small complex confronted me with how scared my mother was.  It wasn't just an embarrassment but a lesson on the torment you cause your parents and how dangerous the world actually is.  

Is a YouTube video declaring your teenage daughter a spoiled brat and shooting up her laptop a bit extreme?
Um...couldn't you have sold it and made her donate the money to charity (or the housekeeper)?

While I firmly agree, any parent has a right to ban their child from Facebook (even posting why), are some of these instances going a bit too far?  Are they teaching lessons or giving parents satisfaction in embarrassing them?  Should public shaming be used in lieu of formal punishment on actual crimes?


  1. I thought the laptop shooting was funny. However, I wouldn't do that. Seems like a waste!

    But if my kids kept disobeying me, I'd probably embarrass them somehow.

  2. There are definitely parental limits, I'm not above the public shaming, especially when they are stealing!


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