Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And a big "oops"

We thought we were having Isaac last night.

Well, I thought we were, the doctor didn't agree.

In my defense, with three of the four pregnancies I'd had previously, my water leaked just a little bit.  

So imagine my freak out when my water leaked, ALMOST a lot.  Even my doctor yelled at me, "why didn't you call me sooner?"  My squeaky voice said, "I wasn't sure that's what it was!"

And it wasn't.

But I contend that I DID NOT PEE MYSELF, as much as my 16 year old thinks its funny.

So the bag that I thought was ready, now really is, the nanny had to bring her 3 kids to watch my two babies (love you Erin!), and another hospital bill on the way, all for an overactive bladder, apparently...


  1. LOVE IT! And um, oops!
    With my first, my water broke. First a little leak and then full on puddle on the floor. She was born 19 hours later. And I barely felt a thing.
    Go ahead hate me.
    The next one: water broke at 4 in the morning. I blogged, cleaned house, took a shower, had some breakfast, tweeted. All the normal things people do when they can't sleep. Woke the husband at 730, took #1 to the sitter and then drove to the hospital at 9. Born at 11. Didn't feel a thing.


    Good luck to you. Sounds like you have your hands full.
    And thanks for visiting.

  2. Yes, oops!!

    The doctor always had to break my water.


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