Monday, May 28, 2012

The baby is here!

Introducing Isaac Aaron Robin Darcy!  Isaac was born May 17th, weighing 3lbs 4oz, 16 inches long.  It was a difficult delivery, my water had broke (after being home from the hospital only about 12 hours).  During the c-section they discovered that the cord was tied in a knot around his arm.  We were both battered and bruised but Isaac came thru like a champ!  He is doing amazingly well, he is holding his own body heat, on full feeds of 28ml and gaining weight slowly.  He has a small hole in his heart that they are watching, it is slowly closing on its own.  He moves his mouth when feeding thru the tube like he's sucking, he will be able to try bottle feeding in about 3 more weeks, I think he'll enjoy it!  He even wore his first onesie already!

The rest of the boys are happy to have Mommy back home, I can't believe how much I missed being on bedrest and in the hospital.  Gavin is eating Gerber puffs and Aidan is now able to get himself down from standing.  Now is the countdown to the big move, although it looks like its possible that Isaac will be home before then!  My recovery is going so slowly, I'm wondering how many vicodin it would take to wash the floors?  Family and friends have been awesome, we're all so anxious to be moved, have Isaac home and just enjoy the upcoming chapter!

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