Friday, October 5, 2012

Do You Feel That?

I've been putting more on my plate recently.  A lot more.  I've started with a new company in direct sales (and here is my plug, visit my Facebook page to see what I'm doing).  I'm rockin' my family planning binder, I've never felt more organized or gotten so much accomplished at home.  I'm the person who loves to check things off, I find myself doing extra just so I can cross more off!

Part of my "daily list" includes my devotional.  I'm currently reading "Discouraged Moms' Devotions to Go", which you can find on Amazon here for only $3.50 for a kindle download.  I love this devotional!  It really touches my heart.  I normally have a hard time relating to the author in a lot of devotionals, but this one is different, this one is real.  She recognizes discouragement, resentments, sometimes the laziness we all experience.  It's so good that I didn't even skip the "physical health" portion like I usually did.  Not that I'm exercising or anything, but it is included in my goals to start shortly.  Today was the story of Judson W. VanDeVenter, who I had never heard of before today, but he wrote the song, "I Surrender All".  He felt God nudging him to leave his position in the public school system for FIVE years before he surrendered.  So I'm wondering, what is He nudging me to do?  I have plans for my new business, I'm promoting it, I'm signing up new people and spending time on online parties, attempting to start a blog about it.  Am I spending this time in vain?  Am I supposed to be using this time to "promote" Him instead?  Would anyone even listen?  I don't feel qualified for this sort of position, but maybe that is the point.  Now to re-prioritize my binder and spend more time getting qualified, in His word, with other Christians.

What is God nudging you to do today?

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