Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Around

I've been told (numerous times), to be successful in Direct Sales you must know social media.  With the restrictions on Facebook (and limited viewing by fans), I've been learning my way around Twitter.  I'm getting used to the # and the @.  I don't like that there are posts from profiles that I don't "follow" on my home page, but I have found it quite enjoyable!  It moves a little fast for my turtle-paced brain, and I find myself constantly looking for the "like" button.  I've been having trouble thinking of more witty things to reply to tweets other than, "lol".  I'm wondering if I'm getting a little old to learn new things, but it is a necessary evil, and pretty much my only means of socialization other than "diappees", "babas" and "night night".  Google+ is where I draw the line, I can't navigate my way passed the home screen and have NO desire to figure it out!

What social meadia are you on?  Follow me on Twitter @nicoleshome

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