Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Place Called Home

While we are on a search to find our new church home, today's sermon at The Village Church was just what we needed.  It was titled, "Traits of 'Great' & 'Growing' Churches".

Do you know how to tell if a church is "great" or "growing"?  Is it the massive stage on which the pulpit sits?  The number of cars in the parking lot?  A lot of times how we judge if a church is right for us is the convenience.  Do I like the music?  Is the service too late or too early in the morning?  How big is their Revival?  But even the smallest of churches can be doing great things.  We studied the early Christian church in Acts today and looked a few of traits that we can use to compare to today's churches.

  • Deep unity
  • Uncommon eternal perspective
  • Unashamedly Jesus-centered
  • In God's favor
  • Obvious absence of poverty
  • Remarkable generosity
  • Whole-hearted confidence in leadership
Do you recognize these traits in your church?  Or are they at least goals to work towards?  

Today's service gave us new things to look for in a church home.  I'm not as concerned if I don't find people my own age or have children of the same age, or if their welcoming committee is bending over backwards to get us to return.  I need a church that will help me deepen my faith, challenge me, and remind me to make Christ my number one priority.

But we have to remember, we are the church.  What can we do to keep Christ center of it?

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  1. It sounds wonderful there! What's great is when a congregation as actually get it....errr...I mean get HIM....all those things listed just come together and it's a worship unlike anything you could ever imagine. Ours today was about Halloween...people putting on costumes pretending to be someone they are not...kind of like people put on the Christian costume when it suits them and then take it off when it doesn't....whoa....ouch....
    I'm so glad that you and your family found a place that you are comfortable in. Church family is important and you need to be continuously scratching the surface of my relationship and loving it :)


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