Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Family Pets

In 2011, at Mother's Day, I decided I wanted a dog.  I didn't just want a dog, I had to have one.  That day.  We visited shelter after shelter, looking for the perfect dog.  Aidan was still in his carrier so he was our test subject.  The older dogs didn't seem to appreciate having a baby in their territory so that wouldn't work. A few puppies tried to eat Aidan's hand, one puppy promptly crouched to pee when he entered the "play" area, that wouldn't work either.  

We were running out of shelters to visit, but I just hadn't found "the one".  We decided to go to the one pet store that I knew sold puppies, only about 20 miles away, just to look.  Yes, I know that pet stores use puppy mills, when I have a thought in my head I am not the most level-headed person by any means.  We arrived at the pet store where they had a room full of caged beauties.  I walked around the room about three times, just not falling in love, when I spied two puppies in a row in the very back, not even a for sale sign on their cage.  That's when I saw her.

The picture doesn't do her justice, with her reddish tint and golden eyes.  Bringing her to the "play area", she was spunky, friendly, and the first dog that didn't either pee or grab Aidan's fingers, she just licked his cheek and looked at him intently.  She was the one!  We were told she was a two month old pure American Pit Bull, but we opted out the paperwork for an extra $100 (yes, pet stores do that, yeesh).  We did find out that she was at least six months and a mix, who wouldn't get too much bigger, but we didn't care.  She belonged with us!

Now she is a young lady, my only female companion in this house of testosterone.  We've had bumps, like her diet of Mr. Potato Head parts, but seeing her playing with the babies, tag, fetch and ball, is priceless!  She has become the protector, now that our older dog is gone, and I swear, she thinks the babies are her brothers!

What pets belong in your family?


  1. Our dog, Wiggley, just wandered up to our house in the Fall of 2010. He's a German Shepherd/Lab mix. Our son, Reed, was born in 2011. Thankfully, Wiggley is great with him! He would rather be left alone, but totally puts up with Reed "petting" him, and offering him his sippy cups, blankies, and whatever else. The other day I caught him trying to sweep Wiggley's back with a small broom, lol. Reed even holds Wiggley's bones so he can chew on them without bending down. Such team work, haha.


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