Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

Today is the official day of love, so it is only fitting that I post about my Valentine.  

Hubby loves and supports me, even when I don't deserve it.  He may tease me about my not-so-edible cooking, but he knows that becoming a SAHM is a big adjustment for me and gives me slack on those "I really hate doing this" tasks.  I love his "Let's do this" quality, even though I might fight it tooth and nail when it comes to projects around the house!  

Rick is the very best daddy I could have asked for, making sure to take time with each of them, recognizing their individuality, even as babies.  All three light up when their Daddy walks through the door and welcome their hugs and kisses, feeling how much Daddy missed them after a day away at work.  

Rick invests in our relationship, taking time to listen, even when I'm not talking out loud.  He is always willing to spend time with me, even if it means sitting on the front room floor for a date-night picnic in our dress clothes.  

We've had our ups and downs but we are each other's best friend, with just enough in common to offset our differences.  We try not to let our stubbornness get in the way, end our arguments with a kiss.  He provides for us, probably cooks and cleans too much for having a wife who stays home all day.  How can I complain, he doesn't watch sports, loves sitting by the fire on a summer night, and he adores me, faults and all.  

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