Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get Your Exercise On!

I have always been anti-exercise.  Yes, I know our bodies need it, I've just NEVER been in shape.  I was the wallflower in gym class hoping to not have to participate.  Even with our weight loss journey we started in March with Plexus, we changed our diets completely to healthy, homemade foods, but it didn't include exercise.  

We're getting older now, we have aches and pains, we have to watch our blood pressure and cholesterol.  We have our children's futures to think about.  In addition to that, we don't want the babies to prefer sitting around watching TV or playing video games all day, but they will need an example.  

I've come up with a 23-Day Jumping Jack Challenge.  If you have small children, you understand how hard it is to take time away from them, or even have the space to exercise!  I've tried other challenges but working out in another room always ends up with them getting into trouble.  My plan is to do each set twice a day, in the kitchen, where I can still see the babies.  

While some of you may exercise religiously, I know there are plenty who are like me, and just don't make it a priority.  Join our Facebook group, Fight the Tummy, to start the challenge and support each other!

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