Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Little Things

Have you ever had one of those moments when you see something your little one does that just melts your heart?  Something that totally makes them unique?  

I have one of those rare moments when my one year old is the only one awake with me and I just get to sit and watch him eat.  He is dining on peas and carrots, and the first thing he does is pick all the carrots out and eat them first.  It got me thinking about the other boys, what is their "thing"?  

My two year old, Gavin, has to be in charge of throwing everything in the garbage, to the point of asking for snacks to throw in the "zappo".  Aidan is the slowest eater, just like his mommy!  My 15 year old loooves finally being taller than Mom, and has to measure up every time I see him.  My 17 year old just has to have me listen to his new favorite song when we get in the car.  

My husband?  It's a wink.  He doesn't do it often, just out of the blue, he'll say something sweet with a gorgeous smile that makes his eyes light up and nonchalantly gives me a wink.  He still makes my heart flutter!

These are the kinds of things to keep in my journal, because you always think you will remember these things but as the kids grow older, their personalities change, their idiosyncrasies change and get lost.  What are some of the "things" your loved ones have?  

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