Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Parade

Tonight was game night, which was a blast, but poor Daddy Sweet Pea didn't get to enjoy it because of his allergies. Still waiting to see if Aidan develops any allergies, but I have a feeling that the time is coming very soon to find a new home for Milo.

I will be so heartbroken. He really is the best cat. People say that, but he has the coolest personality. Who else could rock the lion-cut and be the fearless hunder of spiders like he does?

I think Benny had a good time, its hard to tell sometimes with his hormonal attitude, but he did win at checkers (I really hate that game)... Benny and I danced with Aidan in my arms afterwards and I actually got a real smile out of him, he was really enjoying something. Puberty has been brutal in this house, it was so nice seeing my little boy again tonight.

Aidan has taken to falling asleep on my chest with just a binkie! I really hate having a bottle in his mouth to get him to sleep all the time (especially in the car) and I'm loving the peacefulness of him in my arms. Its too bad that it takes carrying him around the living room for about 10 minutes first, but he's so worth it...

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