Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learning to bake...

I made the best Irish Soda Bread today! At least, to me it was the best because I've never eaten it before. The ingredients sounded awful so I have to admit (and don't tell my husband), I didn't try very hard, but it turned out pretty good, from what I could tell from the miniscule amount I was allowed to eat. After Daddy Sweet Pea got home he informed me that its not only for a "heritage" potluck for his new job but its also a CONTEST based on most or least ingredients, most fattening, best tasting and presentation. I made two loaves, one with raisins and one without. If you see a homeless person walking around Chicago tomorrow with a loaf pan, that would be the one without raisins that hubby didn't seem to like so much.

Meanwhile, sitting on the bed next to Daddy Sweet Pea, both laptops, Facebooking, hiding from Aidan who is sleeping in the carseat on top of the changing table...its taken so much to get him to sleep lately we're too afraid to stop him!

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