Monday, November 8, 2010

One-Liners and Poo Poo

I really miss blogging and I would love to get back into it but its not so easy. My mind doesn't think the way it used to, I've been on Facebook so long I can only think of one-liners and titles. I love reading other mom's blogs (mostly just the funny ones). They understand having an entire day speaking in terms like poo poo and ba-ba and PLEASE go to sleep/stop crying/don't throw up on Mama! I will admit though, that this is much easier than dealing with the teen and preteen PMS issues. Yes, they are both boys, but puberty really does suck. I thought I lucked out having boys, that I would miss out on the rolling eyes, slamming doors and "whatever"s.

I didn't.

They are just like me at their age. My mom is in heaven, and for the record, "Mommy, I apologize & now I know why you made the rule that no one was allowed to talk in the morning before school..."

Occasionally I do have an adult thought that requires more than anyone would be interested in reading on Facebook. Hopefully "witty" will make an appearance in my personality now and then. Please comment when it does, it makes me feel good...


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