Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do you ask?

I have really been enjoying my quiet time with God each morning.  Sometimes it is rushed when I can hear the babies playing in their cribs, but I get to read my devotionals and pray, confident that God knows what is on my mind.  

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time asking God for the desires of my heart, it makes me feel selfish.  Do I want my husband to get a raise?  Do I want to be successful with Plexus?  Yes.  But those are my wants.  Of course I am tempted to make deal with God, "Hey, I promise to raise my donation into the pot if we can make more money," but is that why I want us to be successful?  Partially.  That new purse would make a nice anniversary present.  More than that, cleaning up our credit and starting our savings is high priority.  So is it ok to ask then?

The Bible says yes.

God knows the desires of my heart, whether I ask Him for them or not!  Is it right to have these desires and not bother asking God?  He knows what you want, what you need, why aren't we sharing our feelings with Him?  We share these things with our husbands or girlfriends, how much more intimate is our relationship with God?  By sharing these things with God, my eyes have been opened as to how important our financial responsibility is.  

What are the desires of your heart that you need to share with God?

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  1. Hi Nicole, I came over via Titus 2sdays. appreciate your thoughts and honesty in this post. I struggle with the same thing, yet it's amazing how sharing my requests and my financial concerns with God first relieves my anxiety. Hope you have a blessed week!


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