Tuesday, August 20, 2013

21-Day No-Complaint Challenge

I've been reading, "What's It Like to be Married to Me?" by Linda Dillow, and I have to say, it is really eye-opening!  She has so much insight and helpful advice to change your attitude about your husband and truly concentrate on changing yourself rather than focusing on what is wrong with your him.  I don't think I've ever had so many notes and challenges in any book I've read!

So what is the 21-Day No-Complaint Challenge?  You wear a bracelet, any bracelet, and switch it to the other hand whenever you complain.  Do you think you can live twenty-one days without griping, complaining, murmuring or nagging?  The average person takes 4-8 months to string together twenty-one straight days of no complaining!  

What does this mean for your marriage?  Nagging and complaining show that you do not accept your husband the way he is.  This sends a message to your husband:  "I don't like who you are."  

Maybe you gripe in response to his complaints against you.  Maybe he has legitimate faults that he doesn't recognize without you pointing them out.  Is that how God intended your relationship to be?  Are your criticisms helping to shape his character in a helpful way?  Linda says to give your gripes to God.  In Psalms 142:1-2, David goes right to God and shares his heart.
"I cry out loudly to God, loudly I plead with God for mercy.  I spill out all my complaints before Him, and spell out my troubles in detail."
God listens, he wants to hear what is troubling your heart.  The answers may not be easy, your husband maybe strong-willed and stubborn, but you need to change your attitude to that of gratitude, even on the sore-subjects.   You need to change yourself.

Want to join in the 21-Day No-Complaint Challenge?  I dare you to change your heart!

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