Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas is coming

Passing two payday loan stores this morning, it makes me wonder how many people will be using these services for Christmas. Times are really hard, I know we will be scraping and stretching to buy for 4 boys this year.

Remembering my Christmases as a kid, an only child, I always had plenty under the tree. It was never anything extravagant or expensive, maybe equivalent to buying from Family Dollar, but having so many beautiful packages under the tree was pricesless for me as a girl. My parents did struggle the first few months after Christmas every year, my dad working at a factory and my mom a part time lunch morther so she could be there for me.

Though we will be hard pressed with our growing family, there are so many families who will be so much less fortnunate. Hurting and hungry. Remember them when you can't get the new Dancing Elmo this year, or that new game system. It will be alright for most of us, just pray for the others and remember to give as much as possible, there are some who won't get much else.

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