Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I need my nanny back

I got to take a shower.  A real shower, not the, hurry-up-and-wash-before-the-babies-cry shower.  I was so giddy, thinking of witty Facebook statuses that I could post.

Like, "I finally got to take a shower.  All you mommies, you know you're jealous."

And, "I was wondering what that smell was in the house, but now that I got to take a shower it was me.  I think the smell of baby poop is permeating my skin."

I turned on the water to its normal setting:  to where I always is.  I get in and its lukewarm.  Did I pay the water bill?  Well the water was on but what if that was leftover water in the heater?  Did I pay the gas bill?  I start to panic and rush to wash my hair, thinking of the gas bill, that couldn't be it.  

I just didn't know which way was hot and which was cold.

At the end of the shower I finally tested it and took a minute of glorious hot water, but I knew the joke hubby would say.  "Well maybe if you used it more often..."  Ha.ha.

We had a nanny for a few months over the summer when I was put on bedrest because I couldn't pick up Aidan.  I think she needs to come back occasionally so I can shower.

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  1. I remember those days! I wish I were back at home, so I could come by and relieve you periodically. :( Plus, I could love on the boys.


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