Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cleaning House

I'm cleaning house in a lot of ways right now. Not in the actual house, that is still in limbo after Halloween weekend, but I've updated my blog, made necessary doctor appointments for the babies, made some life changes that I won't get into. It got me to thinking of a few random ideas I have about cleaning, that might be considered odd. I would rather wash the floor than vacuum. I would rather wash dishes by hand than empty the dishwasher. I would rather scrub the toilet than cook. I would rather wash bottles than put the baby to sleep (but that is a given, it takes forever). In our house, hubby and I do a give and take. I'll make the bottle if you change the poopie diaper, etc. I hate reading the directions to anything, therefore make a terrible cook. I've actually burned butter...twice in a row (he loves telling that story). I watched Friends the other day, "The One with the Messy Girl". Ross started dating this really messy girl, I mean, he went to her apartment and she started throwing food around the floor for her pet hamster to find. I used to be that messy girl. Ok, not that messy. I had pet mice but they were at least in cages. I'm proud of how far I've come. My house isn't clean every day but there are clean bottles and the floor gets washed once a week. One thing I learned from The Fly Lady, I make sure my sink is clean every day! And I got the guy ;)

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