Friday, November 11, 2011

Not now, I'm Pinteresting!

I finally got an invite to Pinterest.

Oh boy.

Being a visual person (with no decorating sense at all), it is almost a mind blowing find for me! I do not have the ability to think of a decorating idea in my head or see an item in the store and visualize how it will fit into my home. Beyond that, being able to pin something you see on the internet that you hope you will always remember (but, let's face it, I've got too much Nick Jr. and Call of Duty stuck in my head to fit any more). What I have the most fun pinning are Favorite Places and Spaces. I love to look at what others' have done with the spaces in their homes.

Imagine waking up in this every morning, especially with all the sunlight through those spacious windows.

This just says cozy to me!

O.M.G. Need I say more?!

This would be my dream vacation, waking up on the blue water every day, just step out to swim in the morning light. Heaven!

What are you Pinteresting?


  1. I have an account there, I just haven't done a thing with it yet.

  2. omg i have been hearing about this pinteresting thing! def gonna have to look more into it! its like not being apart of some exclusive club!! LoL

  3. Send me your email again and I'll send you an invite! :)

  4. Pinterest is my newest addiction. It could be worse, right??? I planned my daughter's entire birthday party using Pinterest.

  5. There's way too much space around that shower. I would feel a I don't need to fee that free!! :)


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