Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our attempt with an adjustable sling

This is the new Peanutshell baby carrier Gavin and I got from UPS today. Look how happy mommy and baby are. And notice she has two hands!

This is Gavin in our first attempt at the cradle carry. I say first attempt because silly me took him off after he fell asleep, which lasted about five minutes. There is no getting him back in that position.

This is Gavin in the kangaroo carry. Looks comfy right? It is handy, of course, I got him in that position on accident trying to get him out of the thing.

There should be a disclaimer: You will still need to hold the binkie in, thus continuing to be one-handed, and you will also still need to walk around the house while wearing the sling for he can sense when you try to sit down.

We're still experimenting, which is fine since he is practically attached anyway, but if there are any sling experts out there who could advise how to make room for baby without the mommy parts getting in the way, it would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. So sweet.

    I could never do a sling. I tried and the kids just didn't care for it.


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