Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My baby is a night owl

He's been staying up until 10:30.

When you get up five times in the night with various children 10:30 is too late!

Then there's the locking up, getting bottles ready, setting the coffee, bringing everything to bed routine.

I've always been a night owl, so he gets it from me.  But getting up with the babies is really kicking my butt and changing my habits.  If only he knew that.  Poor Rick went to bed in a huff because he has to get up at 6:30.  Let the record show:  Honey, I'm sorry.  

A bath doesn't help.  Waking him up earlier from his last nap doesn't help.  He will lay down and have bottle and a binky but then when we fall asleep my body hurts so much from sleeping in one position.  You know the one, arms around him so he doesn't move/get squished/feels loved.  Once my shoulder or hip hurts so much it wakes me up, he sleeps fine in his own bed.  If he doesnt' change his sleeping habits Santa will be one tired guy.

How do you get your baby to bed at a decent hour?


  1. I am no help with this one either. I would guess, just keep trying? I always ended up letting my kids make their own schedules, but I usually paid the price with sleep deprivation. It never helped that Chris is the night owl in our family, and every time I got the babies to sleep early he would be the one keeping me up to who knows when. He still hasn't figured out that I can't function on only 4 hours of sleep, even though HE can. Hang in there. Love you bunches xoxo

  2. When we had infants at about 8pm, we would dim the lights in the house, play soft music, give the kids a bath, a bottle and then put them to bed. We did the same thing every single night and eventually they go that it was time for bed.


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