Friday, November 4, 2011

What I can do in 31 days

Apparently not a lot.

I've seen a lot of challenges in October, organize this, create that, doing a little every day. They are great ideas! I would love to declutter my home little by little every day. It sounds so simple!

Why can't I follow it?

Is it my aversion to reading directions? Or following them, or maybe my low attention span, combined with my addiction to facebook (not to mention the BABIES!)

I have a hard time following others' routines. I have one of my own that I sort-of follow that kind-of works. I get things done. I still have to do the oh-my-gosh-they-will-be-here-in-an-hour dash around the house every time we have guests but its much better than I've done in the past, where it was sheets-on-the-junk-pile and open-the-windows-to-air-out-the-house kinda messy.

One thing that will never change:

That is Aidan's spot. I have kids, I worked hard to bring them into this world, they need their space. Maybe it has a little to do with not wanting to bring all the toys back out once they're put away, but I don't mind the play area. I don't mind not walking in that part of the livingroom (most of the time). Plus they are not legos or matchbox cars (yet) and don't hurt as much stepping on. The dirty clothes get put away, but the toys stay for my baby to play.

Everything else will get done eventually. How many days do I have to get the Halloween decorations down before the Christmas lights go up?

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  1. I totally agree - I jumped on the 31 day band wagon to get myself motivated. It was exhausting!! Just an fyi - your kids will always need a spot - mine still do even though one is married with a family and one is in college. And now I have to have the grandchild spot!

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